My intention with this blog is to provide a discussion forum for alternative energy concepts with a focus on practical application of the various technology under review. 

While researching green and cutting edge tech, it became painfully clear that there is an over-abundance of disinformation and immature technology being represented as immediately viable.   Upon close inspection, it can be determined that even ubiquitous technologies such as photo-voltaic or wind power generation don’t hold up well economically in most areas of the country even with government subsidies.  

Personally,  my background is as an instrumentation and controls engineer, sometimes referred to as an automation engineer.  In my 20+yr career, I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in some cutting edge cogeneration projects on a municipal scale, that resulted in helping to keep the planet green before it became fashionable to do so.  As a function of my background, I’m able to cast a more critical eye on those technologies touted as world changing.  It’s time we separated the wheat from the chaff technologically speaking.  The need for green tech is immediate, and it’s time that we – collectively start to focus on that which works, not problematic   optimistic technology destined to remain outside the grasp of we mere mortals throughout our lives. 

Marc Silverman

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